Diverging of paths

Meeting up with an old friend from my past the other day was wonderful.  We got to reminiscence over our past experiences overseas.  Then we began to drift in conversation to discuss where all of our past friends and co-workers are now.  We fumbled in discussion about how some are instructing, or others are having children. There was only one common variable, that we were all going our separate ways.

It seems only like yesterday that all of us where in high school planning out our lives. We knew that our friendships would last forever and that our destinies were bright. We had no idea who we were or where we were going.  I remembering just being so excited to live in my new found freedom.

I found my path quickly, and began to chase after my goal.  Weirdest dream ever, I thought I was going to be a war hero.  I know how absurd it sounds, but who wasn’t absurd in their youth. So, I sacrificed and suffered to get to my to goal, and within a couple years I was “in country” with my new found band of brothers. Throughout that time, I really changed.  I found myself. Funny how experiences work like that. In this miserable situation, I had found my true life long friends.  Hell, I figured if we survived this, then would would always have each other.  Time moved quickly, and before you knew it; I had married and left the military in search of a new future for my family.

I know that I am abbreviating a lot of history, but I am describing as I remember it.  It just seems like one day I blinked and here I am.  Like yesterday never happened.   Wow, its so crazy how every time you turn around the world is new.  Its like you have an uncanny sense of Déjà vu, but you still are telling yourself that you have never been here before.

So, here I am with another daughter possible arriving within the next few days, and I don’t know where time went or where it is going.  I am happy, but so many times I said to myself I can’t wait till this or that.  I can’t wait till I had this job, or this task is finished, etc, etc.

I am going to commit to stay in the moment, and to stop wishing for a future.  The time is now, and it is leaving us so fast. Don’t neglect time, it is also a blessing in its own right.

So I realized this, sitting with my friend cleaning an apartment room talking about the past.   We continued to talk and walk through are divergence of our life paths.  There was a sense of joy, but at the same time a sense of sadness.  We both knew that our lives where reaching a point where we might not enjoy time like this again, but we had to enjoy it while it lasted.  He had to continue his life path, and I had to continue mine.  We would always be friends, but time to hang out will be rare if not unlikely in the future. We had reached the crossroads.  He will go left and I will go right.  So we said our goodbyes and talked about getting together some time.  Though, we both knew that it wasn’t likely, we still played along. It was just another life change that happens before you know it. Hmmm… life interesting.

Finishing a day on the up!


Waking up this morning after staying up a little too late, I ached even trying to open my eyes.  Funny how it seems that as we grow older that staying up late really starts to get to us.  Lame!  So anyway, I finally creaked open my eye lids to find the alarm.  I slammed the snooze and hoped that I could sleep in.  Then the reality hit me that I had to hurry up and get my daughter to school.  So I rushed downstairs to grab my daughter and out the door I went.  As I was driving my daughter to school, I realized my fatal flaw.  I forgot my coffee!!! For those of out there also addicted to the wonderful stuff, I am sure you have been in my shoes.  It’s pretty horrifying.  The unexpected sharp chill out side in combination with the dark wet weather gave me an excuse to be negative.  Notice, I said excuse not a reason.

I know that everyone reading this, has been in my shoes.  Heck, you probably are today.  The odd part was that I didn’t even realize that I was slipping into a bad mood.  Its almost like it creeps on all of us.  Usually are first response is to be in denial, and act like everyone or everything else is the problem. I know that’s what I do. Then as always, somehow my attitude smacks me in the face. As I was riding in the car with my daughter, the commentator on the radio was talking about neglecting the  our loved ones with technology.  Then it happened, I realized I just wasn’t feeling today, but I had to do something to make the best of a situation.

As soon as I got back I meditated/prayed positive thoughts for a while. I hoped to turn the day around. This is something I have been trying to stick to lately.  It usually works, well at least within the moment.  Meditation does seem to always help, but its more of a gradual overall effect.  Its a long term change type thing.  Its much harder to reset your emotions throughout the day, especially when the environment is not being conducive.

After I finished, I tried to get to business and continue on my day.  As usual though, things slowly but surely started running me down.  I was hitting a slump.  I just wanted to go back to the moment I woke up to restart the day.  I finished up my class, and headed back home to see the family.  As I walked through the door, I saw my little girl running into my arms.  In this moment, I felt my long day pass away. I felt at peace.  Then I realized, that no matter how much I want to be positive and mandate my state of mind, I can’t rely on myself. I need to lean on my beliefs, family, friends, and personal connections around me to find my happiness.  I needed to realize how blessed I am, and be content with my life.  So suffice to say, I had a great day.  I am so thankful I am alive. I hope your day was better than mine. Smile, life is good.


In a political world do I take a left or a right?

Growing tired of MSNBC blaming the rich conservatives or Fox news screaming about the liberal devils? Well, I am not sure if I am.  Not because I don’t disagree with both of them, but rather I would be missing out on the shear entertainment value.


I love all my friends within the political spectrum.  I don’t joy in their anger and fruitless disagreements.    I feel that we have to maintain a sense of perspective, and laugh at our folly.  It is absolutely senseless to believe that one can change another persons mind with a mere argument.  Any religious war in the last 10 centuries could tell you that. So we need to understand that we will just disagree, and that’s that.  We can live among each other and have different values.  This is possible even if they conflict.  That is where we need to understand that law and government is not meant to control our moral value system.  Rather that it is meant to keep the peace between multiple moral systems.  So that we can function as a society.

I find my self lingering towards a fragmented third party ideology. Ironically, I can’t find a political party that’s willing to work with others to accomplish anything.  We need to have the courage to take a chance with a third party, to hold true to our convictions.  I feel that many that are in the fight between the left and the right only succumb to a side out of a fear that their vote would otherwise be ineffective. So many middle class families vote with the right in order to protect what little they have earned.  Also, the impoverished vote for the left just for entitlements. There is another alternative. We just need to see the middle ground.

The political agenda must be driven by facts not feelings.  I have many feelings of conviction to lots of things, but doesn’t make it right for everyone. We need to base policy within the government and the military directly off statistical analysis of issues that affect all of us the most.  Sadly, statistics can be manipulated to say things how you want, but maybe you need to learn statistics so that you can understand the truth. An example would be the recent congressional battle of weapon rights. Regardless of where you fall on this issue, you need to realize that well at least within the U.S. that gun violence fatalities are relatively small in comparison to Obesity, Motor Vehicle Accidents, or even Alcohol reality deaths.  Its all driven by our hearts not by the facts. I am not saying we should have more or less gun control.  I am just saying we have bigger issues that can be solved just as easy, but yet we do nothing but wrestle over what I think is a distraction.  We don’t even put aside our differences to find a solution. Even if you were going to tackle this issue, what would be the easiest way of going about it? I am sure that way would include compromise.  Compromise, Ha! That’s a word that no one in Washington understands anymore.  So maybe us as voters need to start making a word they need to hear again. Ring that word Compromise next time you vote for anything, by looking at something from a different perspective, or by having the courage to vote your true conscience not you allegiance. Have the strength to stand alone, because I am sure there are many out there that feel the same way, because we need to change this cycle.

When your friend or co-worker starts spouting their ultra left wing or right wing political beliefs today, shut up.  Listen! Really think about what they are saying, and if its stupid; love them anyway.  Change their perspective with your loving actions, not by argument. Trust me if you are right, it won’t matter if it leads you to hate someone.  No collaborative goal can be met amongst enemies. Try to bridge the gap.  You can and you will.

Take everything with a grain of salt


I often watch documentaries to find out new ideas.  Other than reading a good book, these tend to open my eyes to these ideas.  Also, because me and my wife are total dorks we enjoy nothing more than learning.  The other day I came across the Zeitgeist documentaries and a documentary about Jacque Fresco a Futurist. Both had some convincing and interesting arguments that I would say are very familiar to the communist manifesto with the exception of semantics.  The uses words like Earth based economy to reference a commune ownership. I really love the idea of getting people together in a community based on caring and helping each other pursue a joint future. This is a wonderful desire.  The only issue is defining how we get there. No matter how wonderful the promise of goal, remember it is not worth selling your soul or harming others to attain it. The end never justifies the means.

As I continued to dive into their similar theories to create a global economy based on goods for the purpose of use.  I found a sense of appreciation for their plight. It would be grand I could have less stuff and only use what I need.  It would also be great if companies would only produce things to last, instead of producing materials only to be replaced.  This is the world of our Market based economy.  Still, even though there are multiple fallacies associated with these movements, I hope that there is someone out there smart enough to develop a solution.  I can’t wait for a day when someone can make this possible.  There must be one exception though, this person must be a Ghandi.  He must be willing to sacrifice everything in the pursuit of this goal, but without the use of violence.  Most importantly, he must be willing to sacrifice himself first. We don’t need another Revolution or the deaths that come with it.  This is why you must always take care when peoples ideals are so radical they are willing to harm for them. In doing so we violate the only truth.  The truth of loving each other. I myself sadly had to learn this lesson by experience. We as a society can be wiser than this.  Learn from history. Observe the good elements of an idea and implement it with peace.  Just because I don’t agree with everything they say.  Doesn’t mean I have to hate them, or write their ideas off altogether. I think it will take a little bit of a multitude of ideas to form our future.  I will not discuss the negative elements of their ideas that I disagreed with. Suffice to say, that people are entitled to their own beliefs and that must be respected and protected.  I love every Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Satanist, Hindu, Jew, Atheist, or any other belief group.  Not because of their belief, but because no matter what they believe they believe they are people none the less.  Take time today to love one person, especially if it is someone you hate. You know that person who irritates you to no end at your work, that bully at school, or that parent that loves you so much they drive you crazy.  Love others, pursue knowledge, and always take things a grain of salt.  Have a wonderful day.

Finding the Truth



After spending years and years being a staunch Conservative, Christian, and Military man, I find myself drifting in different directions.  I have recently, changed almost every view I have carried my whole entire life. These different directions allowed me to see the flaws within myself. Within these flaws I found truth.  I am excited to report that I feel that I have finally found the only truth that exists. The reality that all the facets of my life really don’t matter with the exception of being compassionate towards others.  This simple rule has guided me to the point in my journey at which I am at now.  All other philosophies held no water, and cannot truly stand the test of time.  If you apply the law of loving others first in any situation there will be a good result.  You cannot skew this ideology with your own interpretation, because if you allow your religious beliefs or moral values to dictate this truth it will no longer be a truth.  It will merely, be an extension of your own desires upon others. Take time in every moment to remember this, and question your motives, question your bias. Life really is that simple.  If we love others and make a daily commitment to that reality, then life will be good, and we will be happy.  Your mind creates your happiness, and you choose happiness by being compassionate towards others.  Whatever belief, creed, or opinion you have, first consider others.  Then and only then can you make ethical decisions for the betterment of yourself and society.  We are people of a society, a community realize who you are in affected by daily.  Realize that no matter how secluded you are that you are surrounded by others and live only because of the actions of others daily.  How did you get your coffee this morning? Did you pick it?  Did you manufacture your own sugar?  Did you Milk the cow that your cream came from.  I am so happy that the generations alive today can finally see this perspective. We as a society finally have a chance at implementing this truth to create a new better world.  The future is bright my friends, embrace it.